of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways




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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 A, Mary  1815Salford I11653
2 Bailey, Nancy  1835Salford I17089
3 Baybutt, Frances  1868Salford I13502
4 Beddows, Alice  1894Salford I26045
5 Beddows, Arthur  1905Salford I26049
6 Beddows, Edith  1896Salford I26046
7 Beddows, Edwin  1899Salford I26047
8 Beddows, George  1902Salford I26048
9 Beddows, Phoebe  1890Salford I26044
10 Bonney, Elizabeth  1846Salford I30262
11 Bradburn, Mary  1836Salford I37847
12 Braithwaite, Ada  1885Salford I27972
13 Braithwaite, Harold  1883Salford I27971
14 Braithwaite, Joseph  1887Salford I27973
15 Braithwaite, Maude  1889Salford I27974
16 Brookes, Ambrose  1827Salford I29865
17 Brown, Ann Jane  1865Salford I30091
18 Chantler, Margaret  1873Salford I13582
19 Chantler, Thomas  1850Salford I13579
20 Chapman, Eliza  1846Salford I25993
21 Chapman, Ethel  1895Salford I26001
22 Chapman, James Henry  1871Salford I25997
23 Chapman, Mary Ann  1848Salford I25989
24 Chapman, Mary Emma  1891Salford I26000
25 Chapman, Samuel  1843Salford I25992
26 Chapman, Thomas  1819Salford I20226
27 Chapman, William  1845Salford I25994
28 Cooke, Jane  1822Salford I25986
29 Cooper, William  1901Salford I00971
30 Cox, Ann  1881Salford I30644
31 Deakin, Elizabeth  1852Salford I25590
32 Deakin, Jessie  1887Salford I39601
33 Fitton, George  1796Salford I23764
34 Green, Mary Ellen  1876Salford I37046
35 Heeds, John Thomas  1908Salford I33758
36 Heeds, William  1902Salford I33757
37 Herbert, Amelia  1867Salford I33266
38 Hickson, Cyril  Abt Feb 1900Salford I11258
39 Hickson, Ellen  1 Apr 1911Salford I11262
40 Hickson, Hannah  1905Salford I11260
41 Hickson, James  1872Salford I11255
42 Hickson, James William  Abt Aug 1898Salford I11257
43 Hickson, Jane Elizabeth  Abt May 1897Salford I11256
44 Hickson, John  1902Salford I11259
45 Hickson, Mary  1908Salford I11261
46 Houghton, George Ernest  1897Salford I30921
47 Howarth, Elizabeth  1836Salford I11650
48 Hurley, Catherine  13 Aug 1903Salford I39683
49 Jane  1833Salford I05069
50 Lamb, Annie  1896Salford I11793

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alty, James  Abt Nov 1983Salford I02583
2 Disley, George  Abt Aug 1921Salford I09157
3 Dixon, George Edwin  Abt Aug 1904Salford I17067
4 Haddock, Herbert  1898Salford I27908
5 Melling, Thomas  28 Mar 1900Salford I02325
6 Roughley, Henry Peter  Abt Aug 1981Salford I13066
7 Roughley, Nancy  Abt Feb 1915Salford I05367
8 Roughley, William Edward Pemberton  10 Sep 1916Salford I16295
9 Wadcock, Charles  Abt Feb 1884Salford I39418
10 Wadcock, Joseph  Abt May 1927Salford I39420


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hesford / Herbert  Abt Aug 1894Salford F10368