of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways

Hulme, Manchester



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Martha  1869Hulme, Manchester I09906
2 Baybutt, Fairhurst  3 May 1838Hulme, Manchester I02191
3 Cheetham, Betsey  27 Aug 1892Hulme, Manchester I37601
4 Clare, Richard  1847Hulme, Manchester I31475
5 Clare, Thomas  1849Hulme, Manchester I31476
6 Connor, Elizabeth Ann  1861Hulme, Manchester I10301
7 Connor, Mary  1854Hulme, Manchester I11651
8 Cook, Frances  1868Hulme, Manchester I17750
9 Dixon, George Edwin  15 Jun 1851Hulme, Manchester I17067
10 Fielding, Eliza  1866Hulme, Manchester I17098
11 Fowles, George  1885Hulme, Manchester I19210
12 Gleave, Ann Ellen  1902Hulme, Manchester I33840
13 Gleave, Annie  1906Hulme, Manchester I33841
14 Hallwood, William  16 Jun 1851Hulme, Manchester I29342
15 Hassall, Elizabeth  1824Hulme, Manchester I31456
16 Houghton, Frank  1909Hulme, Manchester I30924
17 Houghton, Herbert  1900Hulme, Manchester I30922
18 Houghton, John  1905Hulme, Manchester I30923
19 Hurst, John Thomas  1855Hulme, Manchester I31074
20 Johnson, Mary Annie  1874Hulme, Manchester I30920
21 Johnson, William  1862Hulme, Manchester I32327
22 Maddocks, Eliza  1855Hulme, Manchester I26062
23 Musgrove, Mary Alice  1872Hulme, Manchester I26064
24 Perry, Alice  28 Apr 1850Hulme, Manchester I31248
25 Perry, Elizabeth Carter  3 May 1847Hulme, Manchester I31247
26 Perry, Joseph  1839Hulme, Manchester I31254
27 Perry, Louis  5 Jun 1852Hulme, Manchester I31249
28 Perry, Richard  Abt Aug 1837Hulme, Manchester I31257
29 Perry, Sarah Ellen  1843Hulme, Manchester I31246
30 Perry, William  1841Hulme, Manchester I31258
31 Rathbone, John Henry  30 May 1877Hulme, Manchester I30196
32 Rathbone, Martha  15 Jun 1879Hulme, Manchester I30197
33 Robinson, Caroline  1893Hulme, Manchester I33688
34 Robinson, Florence  1903Hulme, Manchester I33690
35 Robinson, George  1885Hulme, Manchester I33684
36 Robinson, Jessie  1896Hulme, Manchester I33689
37 Robinson, Joseph  1887Hulme, Manchester I33685
38 Robinson, Mary  1891Hulme, Manchester I33687
39 Robinson, Thomas  1889Hulme, Manchester I33686
40 Rosebury, Ann  1904Hulme, Manchester I26026
41 Rosebury, Emily  1900Hulme, Manchester I26025
42 Rosebury, George  1892Hulme, Manchester I26022
43 Rosebury, James  1907Hulme, Manchester I26027
44 Rosebury, John  1890Hulme, Manchester I26011
45 Rosebury, Mary Jane  1894Hulme, Manchester I26023
46 Rosebury, William  1895Hulme, Manchester I26024
47 Royle, Sarah Ann  1857Hulme, Manchester I33679
48 Shaw, Arthur Garibaldi  1862Hulme, Manchester I26940
49 Sheldon, Jacob  1844Hulme, Manchester I10804
50 Speed, Ellen  1846Hulme, Manchester I21769

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baybutt, John  16 Apr 1841Hulme, Manchester I10788
2 Warrior, Mary  1908Hulme, Manchester I27279


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Hallwood, Hannah  27 Jun 1853Hulme, Manchester I29354