of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways

New Lane, Burscough



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alty, Ellen  24 Oct 1906New Lane, Burscough I01111
2 Alty, James  13 May 1907New Lane, Burscough I02583
3 Alty, Jane  29 Sep 1905New Lane, Burscough I02939
4 Alty, Jane  24 Oct 1906New Lane, Burscough I00193
5 Alty, Margaret  1888New Lane, Burscough I09930
6 Alty, Margaret  24 Sep 1903New Lane, Burscough I00191
7 Alty, Mary  3 Mar 1903New Lane, Burscough I02910
8 Alty, Thomas  1885New Lane, Burscough I09931
9 Ashcroft, Mary Alice  4 Oct 1909New Lane, Burscough I01154
10 Ashcroft, Richard  1919New Lane, Burscough I15658
11 Ashcroft, Thomas Philip  27 Jun 1912New Lane, Burscough I01155
12 Ashcroft, William  1915New Lane, Burscough I15657
13 Barrow, Alice  1888New Lane, Burscough I06686
14 Barrow, Elizabeth Jane  23 Nov 1916New Lane, Burscough I15718
15 Barrow, Jane Elizabeth  29 Apr 1911New Lane, Burscough I11587
16 Barrow, Jane Elizabeth  30 Dec 1912New Lane, Burscough I11686
17 Barrow, Richard  1906New Lane, Burscough I01110
18 Barrow, Richard  29 Apr 1908New Lane, Burscough I11073
19 Baybutt, Albert  24 Aug 1919New Lane, Burscough I38311
20 Baybutt, Henry  21 Sep 1921New Lane, Burscough I38312
21 Baybutt, Hilda  5 Aug 1917New Lane, Burscough I15730
22 Baybutt, Linda  13 Nov 1923New Lane, Burscough I38313
23 Baybutt, Margaret  18 Jan 1913New Lane, Burscough I15551
24 Baybutt, Richard  30 Nov 1914New Lane, Burscough I38310
25 Bowen, Ann  3 May 1902New Lane, Burscough I07244
26 Bowen, Ann  12 Oct 1914New Lane, Burscough I00442
27 Bowen, Elizabeth  19 Oct 1897New Lane, Burscough I07246
28 Bowen, Frances  20 Jan 1906New Lane, Burscough I01097
29 Bowen, Jane  23 Jun 1895New Lane, Burscough I09933
30 Bowen, John  8 Oct 1911New Lane, Burscough I00443
31 Bowen, Richard  7 Nov 1916New Lane, Burscough I15719
32 Bowen, William  8 Apr 1908New Lane, Burscough I07249
33 Cheetham, Catherine  30 Apr 1892New Lane, Burscough I01679
34 Cheetham, Ellen  30 Dec 1894New Lane, Burscough I01682
35 Cheetham, George  13 Jul 1903New Lane, Burscough I09926
36 Cheetham, Henry  18 Mar 1905New Lane, Burscough I10048
37 Cheetham, James  1895New Lane, Burscough I09881
38 Cheetham, John  23 Feb 1890New Lane, Burscough I01678
39 Cheetham, John  1897New Lane, Burscough I09870
40 Cheetham, Joseph  8 Apr 1900New Lane, Burscough I09859
41 Cheetham, Mary Ann  1907New Lane, Burscough I10037
42 Cheetham, Richard  1910New Lane, Burscough I03157
43 Cheetham, Robert  1894New Lane, Burscough I09892
44 Cheetham, Thomas  1909New Lane, Burscough I02185
45 Cheetham, William  15 Jan 1902New Lane, Burscough I09848
46 Culshaw, Ann  1894New Lane, Burscough I12977
47 Culshaw, Catherine  1892New Lane, Burscough I02156
48 Culshaw, Elizabeth  5 Dec 1898New Lane, Burscough I02159
49 Culshaw, Jane  7 Nov 1896New Lane, Burscough I02157
50 Culshaw, Mary  30 Nov 1897New Lane, Burscough I10524

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alty, Ellen  18 Feb 1897New Lane, Burscough I09915
2 Alty, Thomas  1911New Lane, Burscough I00194
3 Alty, Thomas  1915New Lane, Burscough I02541
4 Barrow, Richard  1906New Lane, Burscough I01110
5 Baybutt, William  1906New Lane, Burscough I15552
6 Bowen, Frances  1906New Lane, Burscough I01097
7 Cheetham, Ellen  May 1897New Lane, Burscough I01682
8 Cheetham, Sarah  1896New Lane, Burscough I08360
9 Collins, Sarah  1908New Lane, Burscough I03640
10 Forshaw, Richard  31 Dec 1976New Lane, Burscough I07284
11 Gibbons, Elizabeth  1912New Lane, Burscough I11613
12 Gibbons, William  1917New Lane, Burscough I04082
13 Gore, Alice  1925New Lane, Burscough I03046
14 Gore, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1890New Lane, Burscough I03070
15 Hartley, William Henry  1921New Lane, Burscough I05965
16 Lawson, James William  1943New Lane, Burscough I06987
17 Meadows, Thomas  1905New Lane, Burscough I00988
18 Melling, Jane  1909New Lane, Burscough I02543
19 Parr, Henry  1904New Lane, Burscough I00534
20 Pedder, Ellen  1897New Lane, Burscough I09923
21 Robinson, William  1907New Lane, Burscough I33353
22 Spencer, Ann  27 Aug 1922New Lane, Burscough I02353