of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways

Preston Brook, Runcorn



Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Timothy  1854Preston Brook, Runcorn I23516
2 Esther  1814Preston Brook, Runcorn I21707
3 Hallwood, Ann  1868Preston Brook, Runcorn I24217
4 Hallwood, Richard  1868Preston Brook, Runcorn I24216
5 Jones, Bertha  1896Preston Brook, Runcorn I30145
6 Jones, Eliza  1851Preston Brook, Runcorn I30139
7 Jones, Elizabeth  1838Preston Brook, Runcorn I30137
8 Jones, Frederick  1871Preston Brook, Runcorn I30125
9 Jones, Harry Stanley  1890Preston Brook, Runcorn I30142
10 Jones, Hugh  1854Preston Brook, Runcorn I30140
11 Jones, John  1844Preston Brook, Runcorn I30131
12 Jones, John Alfred  1892Preston Brook, Runcorn I30143
13 Jones, Leonard  1894Preston Brook, Runcorn I30147
14 Jones, Luke  1841Preston Brook, Runcorn I21663
15 Jones, Victor Hugh  1897Preston Brook, Runcorn I30146
16 Jones, William  1846Preston Brook, Runcorn I30138
17 Jones, William Austin  1894Preston Brook, Runcorn I30144
18 Roughsedge, Clara  1885Preston Brook, Runcorn I25920
19 Roughsedge, Elizabeth  1888Preston Brook, Runcorn I25932
20 Roughsedge, Harry  1883Preston Brook, Runcorn I25919
21 Roughsedge, Mary  1893Preston Brook, Runcorn I25935
22 Roughsedge, Peter  1891Preston Brook, Runcorn I25934
23 Roughsedge, Sarah  1890Preston Brook, Runcorn I25933
24 Roughsedge, Sydney  1896Preston Brook, Runcorn I25936
25 Scragg, Hannah Lily  1889Preston Brook, Runcorn I25885
26 Scragg, Peter James  1888Preston Brook, Runcorn I25882
27 Speed, George  1836Preston Brook, Runcorn I26794
28 Speed, Hannah  1834Preston Brook, Runcorn I26793
29 Speed, James  1802Preston Brook, Runcorn I26811
30 Speed, Luke  1797Preston Brook, Runcorn I26785
31 Speed, Luke  1850Preston Brook, Runcorn I26780
32 Speed, Richard  1832Preston Brook, Runcorn I26792
33 Speed, Robert  1825Preston Brook, Runcorn I26788
34 Speed, Thomas  1787Preston Brook, Runcorn I26812
35 Spruce, Sarah Jane  1890Preston Brook, Runcorn I25886
36 Taylor, Ann  1853Preston Brook, Runcorn I30277
37 Taylor, Joseph  1826Preston Brook, Runcorn I21793
38 Taylor, Joseph  1867Preston Brook, Runcorn I30275
39 Taylor, Sarah  1851Preston Brook, Runcorn I30276
40 Webb, Esther Ann  1863Preston Brook, Runcorn I30136
41 Webb, Sarah Ann  1851Preston Brook, Runcorn I25881
42 Wright, Charles  1801Preston Brook, Runcorn I30737