of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and connected waterways




Matches 1 to 23 of 23

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Addy, George  Publican I0643
2 Anderson, Hiram  Publican I29126
3 Armstrong, Mary  Publican I29699
4 Ashcroft, Thomas  Publican I03791
5 Byrne, Charles  Publican I13664
6 Fishwick, James  Publican I04179
7 Garner, Jane  Publican I20821
8 Goodier, Alfred  Publican I27787
9 Goulding, John  Publican I15528
10 Harper, Thomas Nathaniel  Publican I29708
11 Haskayne, Henry  Publican I08471
12 Haskayne, Margaret  Publican I08470
13 Hollings, Benjamin  Publican I0030
14 Kingston, Richard  Publican I22707
15 Lea, James  Publican I08464
16 Lewis, William  Publican I10864
17 Pickering, Samuel  Publican I20952
18 Podmore, Mary Elizabeth  Publican I22699
19 Sharps, William  Publican I19495
20 Smith, Martha  Publican I21186
21 Starkey, George  Publican I25559
22 Swift, James  Publican I10839
23 Williams, John  Publican I33471